Dining out…

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as in al fresco. Since we’ve no (nada, zip, none!) kitchen, the grill sure comes in handy. Today for lunch I had grilled fresh asparagus. Tonight I made burgers, hotdogs and roasted fresh corn. We dined on the patio, paper plates, so no clean up. Hey, this ain’t so bad.

D day

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Because of a leak in our instant hotwater dispenser, we’re getting a new kitchen. This has been a while in the planning (understatment!) since the leak was discovered on the eve of Christmas Eve. We’ve been coordinating with insurance adjusters, estimators, contractors and the like. So, we’re finally on the same page and work starts today. Demolition day!

We’ve been told to plan for a week without the services of a kitchen. I hope it’s only a week! As of this moment, my pots, pans, dishes, utensils and all kitchen paraphenalia are packed away and the stove in sitting in the driveway.

A gentle reminder

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The wear and tear of everyday life gets to me sometimes. I get gumpy and forget what is good. Yesterday, as we bowed our heads to bless dinner, I volunteered a simple, obligatory prayer- “Thank you, God, for this food”. Graham chimed in on the end- “And thank you God for this good  life”.  

I was humbled.

Spring has sprung

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I spent the afternoon cutting back the banana trees and rhododendruns. Due to our recent hard winter, our “greenery” was actually brown. Well, no more. The warmer weather inspires me to attend the plants and choose new flowers for the landscape.

My only worry is that the snakes, too, will realize it’s time to get out into the yard.

Today is…

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square root day…


I’m no mathematician, but that’s kinda cool.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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To all my sweethearts, I wish you all happy day today and a lifetime filled with love.

I’ve got my “Peeps”

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In good times and bad… friendships are such a blessing.

Graham’s been down with flu, which, of course, changes our everyday routine. Those friends I normally have everyday contact with have called to ask how he’s feeling, can I help, etc. One friend has been shuttling Spencer to school so that I don’t have to get Graham out in the morning. Another friend came by today to bring movies for Graham to watch. She stayed a while to visit.

What a blessing to have people to lean on.

Living in a battlegound…er, I mean, sunshine state

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It’s finally election day. For weeks on end, we’ve been bombarded with radio and television comercials, mailings, and phone calls endorsing candidates for public office. I’m weary from the onslaught of what I figure to be mostly empty promises and out and out lies.

I did my part, though… listened to the debates and interviews, read articles and measured what I guess (and I do admit guess) who might serve us, the public, well. Then, at exactly 7:04 AM this morning, I arrived at the polls and cast my vote.

Tonight, the fat lady sings.

Kicked to the curb

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An update to our critter story… last week we trapped two possums and one raccoon. The city animal department came and took the animals out to the forest.

Late Thursday night, I checked the trap before retiring for the night and discovered Mr. Raccoon there. I hardly slept at all, wondering how he was- afraid, thirsty? I called first thing Friday morning to have them escort the little guy to his new home.

We plan to keep the live animal traps set up for this week to see if the unwanted visitors have gotten the hint. I’ll keep you informed.

Uninvited Guest

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We have a critter living amongst us. In the back yard, actually. Sometime last week, we spied a raccoon traipsing around mid-afternoon on the back lawn. Brave little fellow (or fellowette). Even braver, he/she is wreaking havoc on the grass we worked so hard to grow. The little booger has been digging holes here and there, making an unsightly mess of things. So, today I called the city animal control to inquire about a live animal trap. Come Monday, they’ll try to entice him/her into captivity for a short ride to “the wild side”.