Truly, a best friend

We lost a beloved family member today. Our dog, Rainey. A true and loyal friend, she was with us for 15 years.

Rainey was a chocolate labrador with huge loving eyes and a heart to match. She came into our lives as a klutzy pup. She was a hunter, retriever, protector and constant companion. Rainey was big and muscular, topping out at near 80 pounds. She never realized her size, though,  considering herself a lap dog.  Never was a more lovable or loving dog.

If dogs do go to heaven, she’s there now.

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    There’s a hole in my heart where Rainey used to be.

    When I married this wonderful lady I also accepted three children, a cat and Rainey. I loved the wife and children, and felt that the cat could be tolerated if the dog came with the deal.

    Rest in peace, dear girl. You gave a lot of joy to us for many years.

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