Life made simple

I’m not a tech savvy kind of gal. Soooo, the new cell phone I recently received from my techie husband has certainly complicated my life. The intention was to make things simpler, but in my case, less is better. I mean, the thing has more bells and whistles than you’d see in the cockpit of a 747 jet plane. There are text message and camera/video functions, which I had just gotten down-pat on my old cell phone. Add the GPS system, email, voice commands, mp3 player, television, radio. Never mind the blue tooth- handsfree dealie.

Presently, I’m on page 22 of 104 of the owner’s manual. It’s all greek, rather geek, to me.

If you call and I don’t answer, leave a message. I’ll get one of the kids help me into the voice mailbox.

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    I don’t understand the problem. Just go to Main (after you hold down the button for 3 seconds), then hit Web. Then go to Browser, I think it says browser, but it might say Web, too. Anyway, you’ll know it when you see it. OK, just go there, then go to the Samsung Instinct site. If forget the URL, that’s the web address, you know. But you can probably Google it. So, find that, then go to the part where it has the videos. You’ll see it on there somewhere, but you’ll probably have to scroll down, or maybe it’s on the next page. Or maybe the page says tutorial or something like that, but you’ll know it when you see it. Find the video you want to help you with your problem.

    And that’s it! See, wasn’t that simple?

    What? Well, then what’s the problem?

    Oh, ok well then go back to main… huh? Yes, dear, shutting up now.

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