It’s a buffet!!

I know you’ve heard the term “full plate”. Currently, for me, that’s a major understatement.  Mind you, I’m not complaining. This is just an assessment of what is now and is to come in the very near future.

Our house is on the market. We are house shopping in our new location. Theo is graduating college in just over a week. Brandi is moving (half-way) cross country the very next week. Then, she’s getting married. Oh, my GOSH!! My firstborn is soon to say “I Do”. Her wedding is in beautiful Austin, Texas. That just happens to be about 1000 miles from me.
That’s enough, right?  <gulp> Hang on… we’re not done, yet. Exactly one week later, Brandi graduates medical school in Houston. As does her then-will-be-husband, Bryan.

I plugged all these events into my blackberry and it spit at me. “You can’t keep up with all that”, it read. I can. I will. I’ve been taking my multivitamins to maintain some level of energy over the course(s).
Bon appetit!

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