We have a road trip on the horizon. It involves some form or manner of five of the seven “kids” and the grandbaby:) And  my parents. Some of the kids will be traveling with me, some will be meeting us at a central locations and we’ll be staying with a couple of others along the way. We’ll also spend some time with already relocated crazy cajun husband in our someday-to-come hometown.

This trip is a great undertaking. I’ll be the lone driver for the approximately 2,000 miles. But before I get behind the wheel, I must have the car serviced, make all the hotel reservations, acquire water/snacks and pack the suitcases. In order to accomplish those things, I must do the laundry, clean the house, shop for groceries, take the boys for haircuts, take ME for a haircut.

Lots to do. Five days and counting…

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    I’m so excited about your trip, can’t wait to see everyone! Love ya!

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