The wings of prayer

Happy Birthday, Kristen.

In the last trimester of pregnancy, the doctors noted a problem with baby’s heart. A serious problem. Baby (& me) was added to the prayer list at our church and others all over the country. Several weeks passed with continuous monitoring and no difference in the heart rhythms. Worse-case scenarios were discussed. At almost 37 weeks gestation, tests showed baby was in distress and delivery was induced.

At 11:26 in the evening on St. Patrick’s Day, 1987, Kristen Richelle came into the world. 7 lbs. 7 oz. of beautiful pink girl. Her heart was perfect. Our miracle. The doctors had no explanation. But, I knew the power of faith.

Kristen’s lungs were not fully developed and one had collapsed, probably during delivery. She stopped breathing and was resuscitated three times during her first 24 hours of life. Kristen spent 11 days in neonatal ICU. Our friends and family and people we didn’t even know prayed for her healing.  Many came to the hospital, scrubbed in and stood at the side of her isolette and lifted her to Our Father.

Prayers were answered. That little baby girl turns 21 today. And she has a beautiful, kind and loving heart.

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