a power lunch

I know what you’re thinking when you read power lunch. Business suit types in the conference room and the catered noon time meal. Corporate exes planning company strategies with the next big development to make mega money. Wheelin’ and dealin’ as my dad would say.

It wasn’t like that. A group of my women friends-housewives/moms met at the local deli last Friday. Over soup and salad, we discussed our children’s school activities, soccer schedule, upcoming teacher’s appreciation week, one daughter’s wedding, car repairs, aging parents and plans for this summer’s family vacations. Oh, and we dreamed outloud of a girl’s trip to NYC. Who knows, it might happen!

Now, anyone who knows anything knows who really runs this big ole world. Yep. It’s the women-housewives/moms. That day, it was we four women planning life for our families and others we touch in everday life. Now, that’s power.

Donald Trump has nothing on us 😉

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    Yeah, but I handle the big decisions in the family, like how we stand on foreign trade and keeping an eye on Washington. She handles the little things like talking to the school board, planning a wedding and where we go on vacation. Stuff I’m really too busy to handle because I have to, uh, watch this on TV. It’s important… and educational, too.

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