Water, alligators and snakes… OH MY!

By now, you’ve heard about the flood upon neighbors to our near south. Tropical Storm Fay dumped about two feet of water on Brevard and Volusia counties in the span of just a few hours. Days later, they are still underwater. Television and radio are warning residents to beware the alligators and snakes lurking in […]


This is probably revealing my age, but… everywhere I turn, there’s the scoop on all those and theirs in Hollywood. Ellen’s wedding, Suri’s haircut, Madonna’s affair. I don’t want to be privy to their lives. But, it’s crammed down my throat on t.v., even the nightly news, the computer, newspaper. Why does anyone care about […]

Life made simple

I’m not a tech savvy kind of gal. Soooo, the new cell phone I recently received from my techie husband has certainly complicated my life. The intention was to make things simpler, but in my case, less is better. I mean, the thing has more bells and whistles than you’d see in the cockpit of […]