Being in the headlines

It’s there on the front page of the paper every morning. It’s there when I turn on the t.v., log onto the computer- gloom and doom and the horrible state of the economy. I must be honest- it’s enough to get you down. The high price of fuel and slumping sales of homes leads all […]

Independence Day

A recent poll  implies that the #1 July 4th activity is FIREWORKS. We had ours tonight, after the traditional barbeque, potato salad and Blue Bell ice cream. We being hubby, baby boy (okay, so he’s 8!) and myself. Baby boy had the time of his life- lighting the firecrackers and bottle rockets, then running for […]

I’m bragging. So what?

Another big day was celebrated on May 31st. It definitely was a long time in the works. Brandi has expressed her desire to be a physician since she was old enough to string a sentence together. She was always a prim and proper little thing, which sometimes made me wonder if she’d be able to […]