We have a road trip on the horizon. It involves some form or manner of five of the seven “kids” and the grandbaby:) And  my parents. Some of the kids will be traveling with me, some will be meeting us at a central locations and we’ll be staying with a couple of others along the […]

The wings of prayer

Happy Birthday, Kristen. In the last trimester of pregnancy, the doctors noted a problem with baby’s heart. A serious problem. Baby (& me) was added to the prayer list at our church and others all over the country. Several weeks passed with continuous monitoring and no difference in the heart rhythms. Worse-case scenarios were discussed. […]

a power lunch

I know what you’re thinking when you read power lunch. Business suit types in the conference room and the catered noon time meal. Corporate exes planning company strategies with the next big development to make mega money. Wheelin’ and dealin’ as my dad would say. It wasn’t like that. A group of my women friends-housewives/moms […]

Hug a neatfreak

We’re as annoying to ourselves as we are to you. Truly! I so wish I could not make the bed in the morning, leave dishes in the kitchen sink overnight and leave towels on the bathroom floor. It’s just not in me- not a part of my DNA. Life is so much easier (for me) […]