Like most of you, sometimes I fantasize about winning the lottery jackpot. I mentally prioritize my list of spending the mega millions… paying off our children’s college loans, the house mortgage, other debts. I’d do wonderful things for my parents, my siblings and friends. I’d “pay it forward”, somehow, to deserving folks. I would travel. […]

Flying High

Graham (8) and Spencer (15) had an opportunity to take a ground school lesson today and then co-pilot (or just pretend) a prop plane with a local instructor pilot. I was so excited for them, and secretly wished it were me! Spencer took full advantage and enjoyed his mile-high ride. Graham chickened-out. Twice! I was […]

Truly, a best friend

We lost a beloved family member today. Our dog, Rainey. A true and loyal friend, she was with us for 15 years. Rainey was a chocolate labrador with huge loving eyes and a heart to match. She came into our lives as a klutzy pup. She was a hunter, retriever, protector and constant companion. Rainey […]

As for the crazy husband…

He’s outta here. Well, not exactly like that. He’s already “relocated” to the new town for the new job. Soooo, that leaves me and the two “little boys”. Oh, and the house “FOR SALE”. Sounds like fun, huh? If you’ve never had a house “FOR SALE” in a down market, let me tell you, you’ve […]

Peeling it back

Just like Shrek, we all have layers. After many years of life, I think we get layers on our layers. That’s kinda where I am. I consider each layer a blessing. For clarification; we don’t have all seven kids still living at home. Actually, they range in age 8-28 years. Yes, we are quite a […]