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Ronnie, my brother

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Standing on the sidewalk in Fairhope, Alabama. No, we didn’t coordinate outfits; we just ended up looking like this. Maybe twins do have ESP.

It’s so hard to say goodbye to my brother from another mother. Ronnie may have lost his battle with cancer, but he won so big in life. His beautiful bride of 32 years is my wife’s sister. Maxie’s heart is bigger than Georgia, only matched by Ronnie’s.

We found each other later in life, and I sometimes feel cheated that I didn’t know them sooner. We made a connection. And it’s more than just friendship. I’m serious when I say brother, because I sometimes feel as if we had grown up together.

Even though we met late we caught up quickly. We shared vacations. They hosted us in their wonderful community of Tallapoosa, Georgia, and we had every intention of showing them real Cajun hospitality. Maxie will have to be proxy. You can be sure she’ll be here, and we will love, laugh and cry together.

But now Ronnie has gone on ahead. We’ll meet him there, but the wait is going to be tough. I will say that I’m selfish. I want one more story, one more laugh, one more evening sitting outside petting dogs and watching the fireflies come out.

My brother, rest in the peace of the Lord you so loved. I hope to one day be as tall as the man you are. I love you and will miss our too infrequent times together. I’ll carry your stories in me always. 

Maxie, my sister, know that we are surrounding you with hugs of love and grace. I pray for peace for you, and I know we will be seeing each other very soon. 

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