The Gifted Underachiever

My life so far

About Dad

His smile always started out with his eyes big and wide; then his mouth would make this big round “O” and he would begin to chuckle. His eyes would then get real squinty and his mouth broke into a big, toothy grin. That’s when you knew you had just been the victim of his latest gag, or he had told you the latest old joke again for the first time. […]

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Brown does Halloween

Maybe our neighborhood association did a marketing campaign or maybe it was just past performance, but we did a bang up job giving away treats this past Halloween. I was fortunate enough to be home for the occassion and offered my years of experience of giving stuff away. But at one point it appeared we would need reinforcements as our long sidewalk to the driveway was packed with cloaked beggars […]

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