The Gifted Underachiever

My life so far

It don’t get much fatter

New Orleans may be famous for their Mardi Gras, but it’s not even comparable to the Cajun version. Back home in Eunice there is the traditional “courir” or run. Here in Lafayette it’s sort of a hybrid with parades of real floats and costumes that… well, you’ll just have to watch the video.

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Prairie dogs on trampolines

W.C. Fields once said “I like children – fried.” I like children, too, but not to eat because I think they’d be too stringy and wild-tasting. I actually love children; that’s probably why I had so many of them and welcomed more. Now with a grandchild in the mix I get to play with babies all over again without having to change them or feed them in the wee hours. […]

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Holidays and BFS

Naturally the holidays were a busy time in the house, a place I have been seeing too rarely these days. I looked forward to spending an inordinate amount of time back at the homestead – two whole weeks of vacation time! You’re reading ahead of me, right? You knew there would not be two straight weeks of time away from the keyboard. And there wasn’t.

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Case of the Missing Father

The night was blacker than the thumbnail on a near-sighted carpenter, and like most nights I was putting in overtime on a bottle that I kept in my desk drawer for just such occasions. It seems as if those occasions seemed to be happening more frequently this year. I had just thrown back another belt when she walked in. She wasn’t what you would call a looker, but still you […]

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