The Gifted Underachiever

My life so far

Memories unbidden but welcomed

Thirty-seven years ago today I said “I do” to the first girl I fell in love with who was not my mother. She was 17 and I was 22. Things were different back then. That’s an excuse I know, because we were both too young to know what we were doing. But we did it anyway. I’m sure some people thought that we had to get married. It didn’t help […]

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Fatherhood: a rough proposition

Mothers have it easy. Their role has been proscribed since the beginning of time. They give birth. They nurture their young. They protect them, feed them and clothe them. Mothers insure their children become educated, go to church and learn healthy eating habits. So what’s left for fathers to do? That’s why being a father is the hardest job in the world. We have no idea what the hell we’re […]

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Squared off

  Working with an eighth-grader on his math homework my brain is aching for a mental salve to ease the pain. There’s been a slight but steady decline of math knowledge since my last bit of formal education. And the math I use on a frequent basis is more inherent than adhering to established educational modes; in other words, I see the answer but can’t tell you how I got […]

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Long live the jester

One of my guilty pleasures was watching the uninitiated experience full-frontal Ronnie for the first time. You never knew exactly what Ronnie would do, but you knew the victim’s reaction would be one of shock, disbelief and finally the realization that he just met someone he’d never forget.

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Heaven-bound on a 5-string banjo

I don’t think there’s ever a wrong time to begin to take a reckoning of one’s life. I’m sure my kids think that at my age my affairs should be in order. So, contrary to past practices I may just start listening to them. Well, if there is one thing that will definitely keep me from getting into heaven it’s that banjo I stole from a nun. Yes, that’s correct. […]

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