The Gifted Underachiever

My life so far


This is the story how I cut the cord. OK, so I didn’t cut all of the cords, but I jettisoned the more expensive ones. It started when Cox, a company with whom I’ve been associated for over nine years, decided to more than double my bill. Cox was a bundle, and as we all know, bundles are your best value. Well, I’ve come to learn that bundles are the […]

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Battling the Death Star

Not long after the turn of the century I was searching for a new cell phone plan. The offerings were meager in those early frontier days, and the biggest player in the field in the Dallas/Fort Worth area was Cingular, aka AT&T. Fortunately, our needs were simple: three cell phones for mom, dad, and daughter away at college. What sold this particular plan was that calls between our family phones […]

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Mom’s missing obit

I never read my mother’s obituary. I’m sure it was pretty standard fare for The Eunice News. It probably went something like this: Gloria Bollich Coleman, 44, died Monday, December 23, 1974 at Moosa Memorial Hospital in Eunice, La. She is survived by her husband of 23 years, Luther B. Coleman and her six children, Thomas, Danny, David, Christopher, Marcia and Byron, two sisters, Sister Isidore Bollich and JoAnn Frey, […]

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Chicken & Sausage Gumbo

Every adult Cajun male has a unique recipe for the best chicken and sausage gumbo.¬†And being an adult Cajun male I know how to make a gumbo, but until now I’ve never made a recipe for it. Unfortunately, I can only give you the lyrics, not the music. To become a true gumbo maker takes a lot of practice and some “almosts.” Endure those, and one day you’ll arrive at […]

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