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Memories unbidden but welcomed

Thirty-seven years ago today I said “I do” to the first girl I fell in love with who was not my mother. She was 17 and I was 22. Things were different back then. That’s an excuse I know, because we were both too young to know what we were doing. But we did it anyway. I’m sure some people thought that we had to get married. It didn’t help […]

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Heaven-bound on a 5-string banjo

I don’t think there’s ever a wrong time to begin to take a reckoning of one’s life. I’m sure my kids think that at my age my affairs should be in order. So, contrary to past practices I may just start listening to them. Well, if there is one thing that will definitely keep me from getting into heaven it’s that banjo I stole from a nun. Yes, that’s correct. […]

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Getting the call

I had just left Subway when I got the call. “Tom, this is Sam Shuffler.” “Oh, hi Sam,” I said before thinking. Sam is my urologist, and I’m usually not so informal with my medical caregivers. But Sam, er, this doctor is new, and I wasn’t really prepared for his phone call. Not that it was out of the blue, but I was hoping for a call from his nurse.

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An accidental tourist

You will rarely read me discussing politics here. Not that I’m apolitical; it’s just that I enjoy social interaction without barriers, and there is little else besides religion that can create factions as quickly as politics. My recent whirlwind trip to our nation’s Capitol caught me ill-prepared for tourism. I was attending the Newspaper Association of America’s technical exposition known as NEXPO at the Washington Convention Center. The boss man […]

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