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Some people should have no free time to let their mind wander.

Ronnie, my brother

Standing on the sidewalk in Fairhope, Alabama. No, we didn’t coordinate outfits; we just ended up looking like this. Maybe twins do have ESP. It’s so hard to say goodbye to my brother from another mother. Ronnie may have lost his battle with cancer, but he won so big in life. His beautiful bride of 32 years is my wife’s sister. Maxie’s heart is bigger than Georgia, only matched by […]

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The Angel of Mowata

My Aunt Sis won her battle with death last evening slipping into the arms of the angels who had been waiting patiently for 95 years for one of their own to return home. Through no effort of my own I am related to a number of awe inspiring people whom have endured and survived amazing hardships and still managed to love. My Aunt Sis, Sister Isidore Bollich also known as […]

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Marcia in one word

On behalf of my brothers, our wives and families, I want to sincerely express how blessed we are that so many have joined in the celebration of my sister’s life. We are humbled by your love for this beautiful woman. This will always remind me of Marcia. It’s a plastic cup. It’s cheap. And I don’t care to drink from them. But they will always remind me of her. Whenever […]

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This is the story how I cut the cord. OK, so I didn’t cut all of the cords, but I jettisoned the more expensive ones. It started when Cox, a company with whom I’ve been associated for over nine years, decided to more than double my bill. Cox was a bundle, and as we all know, bundles are your best value. Well, I’ve come to learn that bundles are the […]

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