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Thoughts of a spiritual nature, or just plain spiteful.

On my honor

I’ve been an adult Scouter for almost 40 years now. I was a district executive for my local council, and I’ve guided three sons in the program, the last attaining the all too rare rank of Eagle Scout. I love this program and firmly believe that it has performed tremendous good work for the country and the world in developing the next generation of leaders. I love the rich traditions […]

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Prairie dogs on trampolines

W.C. Fields once said “I like children – fried.” I like children, too, but not to eat because I think they’d be too stringy and wild-tasting. I actually love children; that’s probably why I had so many of them and welcomed more. Now with a grandchild in the mix I get to play with babies all over again without having to change them or feed them in the wee hours. […]

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Grape snowcones and choices

So it’s a running family joke, but to me it’s not funny at all. Present me with 60 snowcone flavors, and I will unilaterally choose grape. I have nothing against bubble gum, tiger’s blood, cotton candy or some of the more mundane like cherry or orange. Grape is just my flavor. I like it. It makes me happy. Is that so wrong?

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Getting it out of the way

When I was growing up you went to church on Sunday – Sunday morning, to be precise. You had your choice, though, you could go early, or you could go later. One service started at 7:00 a.m., the other around 10. That was it. There was no Saturday night stuff, and anticipated Mass was an oxymoron to me. You didn’t anticipate Mass, unless you went to confession, then you had […]

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