The Gifted Underachiever

My life so far

Fast Fridays

I looked at a pack of beef jerkey yesterday. I mean looked, as in coveted. Now, I’m a medium fan of beef jerkey; good beef jerkey, that is. It’s almost fat-free and tastes pretty good. But yesterday was Friday, in Lent, and I’m practicing being a Catholic. I say practicing because after five decades I still ain’t got it completely right.

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Beads are thrown, ready for ashes

  There’s one more ball this evening in Lafayette. Thank God, I’m not going. I went to three downtown parades today, and I’ve caught all the beads I need. In fact, probably more beads than one human being can possibly use in his lifetime. Well, mine at least. It was a mini-feast with the family. They rent a spot in a restaurant parking lot where an RV is set up […]

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Mardi Gras est ici

For the first time in seven years I’m living in South Louisiana for Mardi Gras. That means a lot of parades, beads and celebrating. Mardi Gras has gotten a lot more civil from my younger days. That’s due to the difference in cultures. I’m living in Lafayette, but I was born and raised in the country.

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