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Some people should have no free time to let their mind wander.

Stressing over nuclear

or 6:53 and holding  I glanced up at the clock and noticed immediately that they did not correct for Daylight Savings Time. The clock displayed 6:53, and I assumed it was A.M. since my appointment was for 8:00 a.m. But I had been waiting for a while in the room, so the clock must not only be an hour behind, it must be slow. Looking a bit more closely the […]

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“Come in here and watch history”

It was the Summer after second grade when my Mom called to me to come and watch TV. She said history was happening. Understand, there was no school and I lived in  the country with a swimming hole that hardly had to beckon. Even though it was early in the morning I was already awake and no doubt ready to head outside. Watching television was not at the top of […]

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